Before 30

-Bake a pie (easy enough) (Thanksgiving 2020)
-go camping with friends  (2018)
-make a super fancy drink (I made a hot pink barbie, 
no pics, but it wasn't pink) (2015)
-go on a weekend getaway not in Michigan (here)
-actually start blogging (I am a blogger because I say I am a blogger)
-go to happy hour at some trendy restaurant ( I went with my parents, but still 2015)
-have a dinner party
-Go to a different continent  (Europe Trip 2016)
- Go a whole month without shopping (Month after Graduating College 2016)
-Write a novel 
-Declutter my life (Shout out to moving 47 times since post grad 2019)
-keep my room/ house clean for three months (Shout out to living with my fiance 2019
-Get a passport   (2016)
-go to bed at 10pm for two weeks (slept like 14 hours a night on deployment 2018)
-beat my caffeine addiction (2018)
-Drop those few extra Lbs. (2016)
-Run a marathon
-Go 24 hours without electronics (Went a full week at Kentucky and It was very refreshing 2015)
- learn how to tie a tie
-Get a full time job (2016)
-Go to an Olympic ceremony
-go a year without breaking my phone #Responsible 
-start mega saving
-be completely financially independent (2016)
-See the nutcracker play
-Go on a stand up paddle board (Bachelorette party 2019)
-Be able to do 8 pull-ups
-Participate in a canoe marathon
-work on an art portfolio
-launch a YouTube channel (2018)
-buy a camera for this YouTube channel  (2018)
-send 30 letters not just cards 
-send my mom flowers out of the blue
-Get professional head shots done (2017)
-go to 5 museums that I haven't already gone to (chronic museum repeater) (1 2015, 2 2015, 3 2015, 4 2016, 5 2016)
-Go on Paleo for a whole month (2016)
-buy an orchid and keep it alive
-travel to a new country   (Europe Trip 2016)
- visit some old good friends (2018)
-watch the sun rise (Did this MULTIPLE times at Fort Knox 2015)
-"climb" a mountain (Had a panic attack but I count it 2020)
-find out my blood type (AB- after lying to the army for 5 years, I finally found out)
-subscribe to 3 magazines
-GET A 300 ON MY PT TEST (Update: 297 #ugh 2016)
-buy my parents a trip somewhere they always wanted to go
-every time I have completed something on this list save 10 dollars
-dye my hair (went blonde, dark brow, back to blonde, platinum blonde, honey blonde, currently dark blonde, then when to white, then dark brown, now back to a "natural" blonde.)
-get rid of my AOL account (This will probably never happen because I am locked out of twitter)
-take on a DIY project
- pay off Student "loans" (2019)
-make my blog a .com (June 2015)
-buy Tory Burch boots (always wanted a pair)
-buy duck boots
-invest in the stock market?
-design and order business cards (I dont know why this was a goal, but I did this many times)
-run a 14 minute 2 mile
-guest blog somewhere
-go to the dry bar (Here)
-Find a scenic trail in Michigan
-Decorate my Apartment
-Make macarons (lavender flavor?) (Took a class with my mom)
-Get involved with a volunteer project
-Go to an MSU sporting event (The last month being a spartan)
-Go to a Professional Sporting event (Red wings game 2015)
-Become an avid golfer
-Get into watercolor painting 


  1. Love this list! I'm over 30 now and definitely wish I'd done a few of these things ;-)

  2. I have never considered to make up such a list of things. You gave me just an incredible idea. The main problem is that I have to decide what I want to do most of all.


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