Sunday, November 24, 2019

Engagment Photos Part 1

Hey what is up hello! Engagement photos are officially here! Our wedding is in the summer, and the next time we will take photos again will probably be winter 2021, so we thought a Fall vibe would be the best!

Number 1 blog photos and "candid" engagement photos are totally two different things. Blog photos you just stand there and get a photo of the outfit, engagement photos you really actually need to pose.
We one part were completely awkward and not prepared for this, and other part had a ton of fun and were so happy with the shots. It took about two hours in total (and a full day to get ready for the shots), where blog photos take about 30 minutes.
The whole thing was a good time and we are so happy we blocked off the day for the shots... and we caved and decided to get Christmas cards so this works great.



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