Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Why I started a Boutique

Hey what is up hello! I started a boutique (found here). Let me tell you, I love fashion, and I have always wanted to open a store. So here we are! Lets jump into it!

Where did the name Norm & Jane come from?

So I have always wanted to own a line of luxury handbags/ shoes. I wanted to do everything from scratch and something totally new, and I wanted to name that after my mom's name. However, I am not at that point of my life for that. The name she goes by is "Jane", I played around with that. I have no clue how this added to the equation, but Norm is my parents dog. Norm is the best dog ever, so this all came together.

Also if you ever questioned where the blog name game from, it might have also come from my family (here)

Are you working with someone to get the clothing items?

I think people thought I was part of an MLM. Actually everyone besides my mom did! I am not part of ~*anything*~ I am like any other boutique you would see around you. I have my own suppliers, I have my own online store, I do my own marketing.

So where do you get your clothing items from?

This is what makes every single boutique unique! There are hundreds to thousands of places to get your boutique items. There are a couple of major cities to get your items from and I mainly get all of my clothes from LA suppliers!

How did you find the time to open a boutique?

I was on a military deployment for 9 months. There was so much off time when you do not fiends or family around. Yes I was working 12 hours a day, but also I had nothing to do with the other hours! I had a lot of time to research, come up with a business plan, het all the legalities set up, and put in the ground work to start. Here we are!

Why did you open a boutique? 

I honestly tried to open 3 other businesses, (two service based, 1 product based). And I could not for the life of me get it off the ground. I tried everything. I went to try a boutique thinking that it would be just as hard.EVERYTHING CLICKED! 

Seriously I love clothing, I love fashion, everything came together so easy. (Post three other fails) I love it and I think it is my natural calling.

Are you happy you opened a boutique?

Yes, every second I learn so much. I love working on it and growing it! Plus I love seeing everyone enjoy Norm and Jane's clothes!

Are you working your boutique full time?

No, I still work my 9-5. I actually just a  communications roll that I am super pumped about! That is actually a big impact on Norm and Jane I found that business clothes for women are either super bland, or you are going clubbing. You want into a store womens clothes are going out or super casual. While the men's side have all these button downs, suit coats, and business attire. I remember going to an interview and I could not even find a button down that was appropriate to wear. That where Norm and Janes theme came from. An outfit you can wear to work and still feel trendy

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