Monday, October 14, 2019

Hey what is up hello!

Hey what is up hello! I am popping in to say hey! If you are in half of the country fall has not hit yet. DC it is crisp, but it is still so hot! I love this fun outfit. Plus I am heading to mexico here soon, so why not have fun with this two piece.

I know I have not been blogging for a while. There has been a lot of changes this past couple of months (all good!) but also just a lot going on and a lot to adjust to. Thank you for bearing with me. Here is a little on what is going on.

DC Life: I actually for the first time this weekend went to the monuments. (I have been to dc like 100 times before so I have seen everything before) BUT it was fun to go again.

Weekend: This weekend my college friend and my cousin were in town! It is fun to be in a city where things are going on all the time. We ran the army 10 miler. Which I felt under prepared, but it is all done! I might actually continue to distance run... #TBT

Finds: Y'all... I am trying to find an engagement photo dress, and I can not find one. Here is everything else I have found.
-Need these shoes.
-Loving some heart earrings.
-Does anyone else love the skalla sisters? This bridesmaids dress
- Old Navy has been killing it.
-I bought about 7 of these.

Amazon Purchase: Y'all these Probiotics changed my life, never listen to a random girl on the internet, do your own research. I tried every single probiotic, but one for specifically for women has been amazing. (here)


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