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Hey what is up hello! For the venue... I am in the Middle East. I can not travel to 20 venues, make an excel spreadsheet, and look at the pros and cons, the prices, and area. (Lets be real I know the area... BECAUSE!)

We are getting married in Michigan! Both Alex and I are "from" Michigan. I was born there, moved to the south, then moved back for college, and moved away afterward. I am "from" no where, BUT my whole family lives in Michigan. 

So talking about the why we narrowed down to a Michigan venue. What were our other options?

Destination wedding: This was my top pick. Not necessarily due to wanting to get married at a beach. It is sooooo much cheaper for a couple to get married at an all inclusive resort. Yes, your guest end up eating the cost. They have to pay to get out there, but most resorts do free weddings or a small fee for flowers to get married there. I have a huge family and this would also create a smaller wedding, which I wanted. 

Cons: Not everyone can make it. Immediate family can which I wanted. HOWEVER Alex wanted everyone to be there (He has a much smaller family) Also my mom wanted a big wedding. Which since we have been engaged I have heard of so many catholic families allowing a destination wedding, and their family forcing  throwing a big after party. So my mom nixed that and went straight for the after party. Which a wedding is about family, so it just made sense. 

Waiting Until We Find Out Where We Are Going: We are going somewhere in July. That is that. I ALSO wanted this. This would also be a "Destination Wedding" for my family. And half of A's family would be near. It would be fun for everyone to get together in a new place. Again, we do not know where we are going, so we could not plan it right away. 

Michigan: This was the winner! Again we are both from Michigan. Our families live there. Most of our friends from out of town are from Michigan. I also knew a handful of Venues, I knew what they looked like. We are having it on the East Side of the State, so that people who have to fly in, the airport is right by there!

As for the Venue, again for safety reason I will not share it on the blog until after. BUT we are doing it at a stunning ballroom. There is also a golf course and hotel on site so everyone can walk to the venue and there is plenty to do for out of town guest. Below is a little tiny sneak peak (Photographer can be found here)

I will say this, when we were in a frenzy to get a venue, a lot of places were like we start at this price (About 15k over our total budget) and we do not have off season pricing. This is when the search was on over drive. Low and behold the venues wanted to negotiate with us, they emailed us a week later and they were about 2/3 the cost. Which I get it, but I just thought that was so icky.

The venue we went with was super upfront about pricing. Plus it is all inclusive including rentals. linens, and clean up. Not only that, but because they are all inclusive they help us plan big time. Alex keeps saying I am way on top of things, and I am like no I am not the venue is. My favorite part, the place is so stunning we are so happy to have the big day there!

Overall, the wedding venue is amazing, close to home, a major air port, and we can not wait to say "I Do" here!

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