Thursday, March 14, 2019


Hey what is up hello! I know it is not Wednesday so I am a liar. Wedding Thursday just does not sound as good. I was going to do a post on MY VENUE, but I have learned so much about picking a venue I am going to tell you some tips I have picked up along the way. This is focused on budget saving tips that if you want to have a budget wedding these tips will save your life.  Here are some budget saving tips where you can have the nice wedding, have a cute venue, and you would never know that the budget was an issue because it will look so nice.

I will get into why I know all this information later (shocking), but here are some great tips to have the wedding of your dreams without the price tag. 

Destination wedding// You can have a fancy wedding, at almost no more cost than a week long vacation. Most all inclusive resorts will have a small fee for a wedding (thinking hundreds not even thousands.) or no fee at all. The fee will typically be the flower cost. The con to this: your guest are eating the cost. They have to pay to get out there. You are not getting a registry (not that it matters). However you get a vacation and it is so economic. Also not everyone can make it, so your families might not agree. 

Location, Location, Location// This is for cities where there are big suburbs. Not getting married in the city and getting married in the suburbs will cut cost almost in half in most cases. Yes it is fun to be down town, but I mean if you have an evening wedding you can stay at the venue and not have to worry about an after party. Just make sure you can still get a room block in walking distance or uber is available.

Non-Traditional// The second you put wedding in front of anything it hikes up the price. A wedding venue right next to a jazz club can have the exact same vibe, but totally different prices. Look into venues that hold events, but do not have the word wedding splattered all over them. (Pro tip: google corporate event venues in your area)

Off Season// Talk to your venue about "Off Season". If you just love a venue, and it does not matter what time of year you get married. Off season can vary by place. The mid-west it is November-April (we still have snow on the ground during ALL of those months). This could save you 10 dollars off a "plate" or could save you 10,000 dollars off the whole event.

All of these tips, are something a wedding planner can really help you save money on. A couple of thousand dollars up front to a wedding planner who has a book of vendors, can end up saving you so much money in vendors who are just giving you their starting rate. Some food for though! Good luck with the wedding venue hunt! 

Also here is my Pinterest Inspo Board, and here is my Pinterest Wedding Planning Tips



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