Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Wedding Wednesday NO. 1// When Is the Wedding?

Hey what is up hello! Wedding planning has started, meaning wedding Wednesdays are in full force. It will not be every Wednesday, due to us having a semi-long engagement. BUT it is an extremely fun chapter to be in, I promised myself to enjoy every second. Plus, I get to share it with my blogger crew! Just to let you all know, these post are going to be more technical and event planning based. Okay, lets get into the good stuff!

There were a TON of factors in what date we picked for our wedding:

Number 1, my cousin is getting married in early June, so we at least wanted to make sure we did it a month before or after, so that he could really enjoy his special day! We also talked to each other and coordinated just to make sure that everyone was good with dates. He has been my best friend since birth, we got engaged the same week, and now we get to wedding plan together and it is seriously so fun! (I feel like I kind of lucked out with this because we have pretty much the same timeline and we get to share all the deets with each other)  So June was out of the question! 

Then we were trying to have an off season wedding to cut cost, but our April date got snatched! (Right after Valentine's Day is the end of the average engagement season.) Which put the search on over drive for a minute, due to the fact I am across the world, and can not go see a venue.

So as far as dates went. I have always wanted to do a NYE wedding. (We had a family friend in the early 2000s do it and I LOVED IT) BUT This year was too soon. And next year was too far. Also it was in the middle of the week and holidays are already hard to get in the medical community (Business and Government are always shut down), let alone one that was in the middle of the week. 

Then we wanted the last week of "off season" (End of April), BUT the last THREE WEEKS were taken. Which added stress (Again it was not like I could just find another venue) BUT I talked to my mom and we settled on July. And by settled on I mean I am so pumped because July weddings are seriously the best.

With the search, we actually got a date that we wanted more, and worked way better with our (mostly A's) schedules. We are getting married July 2020! We will not be sharing the actual date until it is over for safety reasons. 

.We have a pretty long engagement with having 16 months to plan. (Average is 6-18 months) BUT by the time I get home from the middle east, We have a year to plan. 

We are are so pumped and excited! Cheers to July 2020! (Also you are allowed to post cheesy quotes for your own wedding right?)

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