Monday, February 18, 2019

We are engaged! (FAQ)

Hey what is up hello! Alex and I got engaged this week! For those of you who do not know I am in the Middle East for 9 months, and Alex flew out here for a week. As you know, we got engaged! I have gotten a million questions and with us being 7,000 miles from our family and friends it is super tough to share the details. Here are the Frequently Asked Questions we have gotten this week.

How did it happen?

Long story short. I might do a full detailed post on this later. Alex and I went on a desert tour and at sunset. It looked so great and peaceful so we sat down and just enjoyed it. As the sun was going down, Alex said "here stand up", and at that point I knew what was going on! Alex got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him!

What are you most excited about being engaged?

I am so pumped that we made a big step forward in our relationship and we are making the promise to work on joining our lives together! I am so pumped for us to spend this next chapter together and a lot is going to change in the next year. 

Where did you get engaged? 

Doha, Qatar in the desert at sunset! Again this is where I am working!

Did Alex hire a photographer?

Alex got a lot of credit for this one, but NO! Our tour guide took a million photos of us all day, and he had our camera while we were hanging out and he took about a 100 photos. We were just really really lucky.

Are you two wearing matching outfits?

Haha, no! The lighting makes it look like that, however he is wearing a green top and jeans and I am wearing a jean jacket with a white sweater with leggings. 

Did the ring fit first time?

Eh oh el, this was straight up my fault. And I was not going to mention it, but we found out why after some talking. After about a year of dating Alex was surveying me on all my sizings for Christmas, and to be annoying and plant a seed I said my ring size was a 7(average women ring size). Not thinking anything of it. Alex kept that list and my ring size is 1 size too big! (Which we can fix that, but that is karma for being pushy;)

Did you help with the ring/ was it a surprise?

As some of our friends got engaged Alex had made a handful of comments on how he wanted to be the one to pick it out. (Which made me anxious) However Alex has impeccable taste and I knew i should not worry. He did a hot fire flame job! 

How did you celebrate? 

My cousin sent the text "bridgette gets engaged. Bridgette then goes clubbing and drinks from a tiny canoe." What can i say? 

On a serious note though Alex and I made a very conscious decision to just enjoy the moment together! We spent a couple of hours just talking and gushing together about the day. We grabbed one drink and just chatted and enjoyed the moment! After we took in the moment for most of the day, we Facetimed our families and told them the exciting news. It was just fun to talk to everyone and share and enjoy the happiness! 

Would you change anything about the day?

Honestly no! As cliche as it sounds it was honestly the best day of my life. It was my first full day with Alex so that in it of itself was special. We went on an amazing tour. We got to look at some great views, we watched a stunning sunset. Alex proposed. We enjoyed every second and we talked to most of our friends and family! The only thing I might change would be not staying up until 6 IN THE MORNING. However we truly enjoyed every second so I wouldn't even change that! 

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