Wednesday, February 27, 2019

100 workout in 100 Days

Hey what is up hello! I have seen a handful of people do this and honestly it has given me a lot of motivation. Even if they talk about how their workout went or what they did. It inspired me to get in the gym! 

That being said I know 100 workouts in 100 days is not feasible for everyone. Trust me if I was not in the middle east I would not be doing it. However here in the middle east, I don't have to grocery shop, I can't go anywhere most of the time, and I have no family or loved ones here that I need to spend time with. 

That being said I do have all this down time and I have not been taking advantage of it. Working out has been the last thing in the world I have wanted to do, add that eating whatever I want, and I am not happy with the lifestyle I am living. I know working out makes me feel so much better. Even here I know I am not going to sleep well unless I do some sort of workout. 

So for the next 100 days (actually 93, 7 days down!) I am going to make myself go to the gym for a minimum 20 minute sweat session. That is it! That is 100 days of just getting myself into the gym and making sure I make it a habit for myself. Now some days I am going to do more, but that is the minimum goal!

For me personally my body is not in the same athletic condition it was in college. Gone are the days of doing 200 pushups a day and going out and running 8 miles like it is nothing. Also my workouts are going to be gentle on the body. Not a lot of fast movements and not a lot of heavy weight, or jumping around.

My focus is to enjoy the gym again, and live a healthier lifestyle! Also here are some of my gym favorites!


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