Wednesday, February 20, 2019

6 Tips For a Full Day Of Travel

Hey what is up hello! You booked a trip! You are on your way out the door, you are going on your dream vacation. BUT what do you do when you are spending your day from dawn to dusk out and about taking on the town. I have been to 21 countries, and about 40ish states. I have been a traveler my whole life. I have been traveling internationally for 3 years, and here are 6 tips that will help you with a full day of traveling.

Shoes// Wear comfortable shoes, if you put on some trendy shoes so you will look good in photos, great! That does not mean that they are the best to walk around in. Do a test a couple of weeks before. Trust me there are a ton of cute shoes that are also comfy for walking around in.

Meals// Obviously the best thing about traveling is EATING! However, whatever you do in normal life do pretty much the same thing you do on a trip. If you have two coffees a day make sure you stop at a café twice. ALSO the biggest thing, keep your water normal! If you have 6 small meals or 2 big meals a day keep it the same! Nothing kills a day of touring around by you getting sick or feeling ill because you body is used to a routine!

Travelers Wallet// This is one of my new tips. I used to travel around with a cross body and a large wallet. It always felt like I had so much stuff. I got this travelers wallet recently (I got it in pink and I hate it but I think grey or black it would be fine). This saved my life. It holds my phone and passport. Which just traveling to a different country you need it, but in the middle east you need your passport to get into most restaurants/ lounges/ clubs. So it is nice to carry it around with you. In mine I also carry around 10 cards/ memberships, a necklace, some cash, and about 5ish tampons. ALL IN A WALLET.

Paper// What is paper?! I have an iphone! Well my friend iphones die. Write everything on a piece of paper (also iphone notes) and add the address and reservation numbers. That way if your phone dies or gets lost, you aren't. 

Have cash// I swear the USA is the only country that you can get away with never using cash. (Maybe Canada too). You never know when you are going to need it, I would carry around cash just in case there is not an ATM near by. 

Rest// Get your normal amount of sleep. Yes, you want to see everything, but you are going to get real cranky real fast if you are running off of a couple hours of sleep. Also if you are spending a couple of days in a place only plan one or two things to do. That way you can really enjoy your meals, take in some sunsets, and really just enjoy! Remember this is a vacation!

Coat// Get a longer hip length coat with pockets. (As seen above) Number one you are going to be in public places and if you are sitting down or outside you have something to sit on. Traveling light will be your friend and if you have pockets vs a bag you will be able to get around easier. I like these coats// one// two// three

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