Sunday, December 30, 2018

Weekly Update

Hey what is up hello! I kind of already did one of these this week, BUT I NEEDED TO UPDATE. Number 1 (because bike update is the big news) so this is my favorite story ever. My grandpa when he was in WWII, he wrote my grandma a letter saying he was eating Spam for Christmas Eve and whenever he eats spam it reminds him of my grandma. And my grandma was always like, "Why do I remind you of spam" 

I have loved that story so much my whole life and I always thought it was so funny. (Also side note I can not believe people could not facetime/ see their significant other for months and months back then") This year on Christmas Eve, I was talking to my mom, and I was eating (THIS)  Which I love these, if you ever want to send me a care package, this is literally the only thing I want. My mom got all upset and she was like "I can not believe we make our troops eat canned chicken for Christmas eve dinner!" And I was laughing so hard, because I LOVE those so much and I had lobster for Christmas lunch. 
ANYWAYS, why you really came here. I FEEL PERSONALLY VICTIMIZED by the new bike rule on post and the new bike rule was put on post because of me (and maybe my blog post about how happy I am) That being said, I turned my bike in for my monthly inspection, and when I signed the rules there was a new one added to the list. Guess what that new rule was... YOU HAVE TO PARK YOUR BIKE AT THE BIKE RACK NOW. I feel every feeling about this. I want to know why one bike had such an impact on this post. Also the one time I had my bike stolen was when I parked it at a bike rack. There we go. 

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