Friday, December 21, 2018

Weekly Update- If You Are Not 3rd You Are Last

Hey what is up hello! So I know why we are all here, for an update on my bike. So there are no rules on where you have to park your bike. In fact I asked, and I was told I can park my bike anywhere. I took that to heart. When I go to work I pretty much park right by the door, place my helmet on the ground and go to work. No big deal. 

And when I go to my living space I park at the bike rack and put my helmet on the ground, however if I am just running in I park it on the wall by the door. Again, no rules on where you can and can not park your bike. (I mean do not park it in front of doors duh.) I want to say I am on the younger side of the people here. People will go out of their way to pick up my helmet and balance it on my bike seat. (I honestly do not know how they do it. And I am not even kidding I pretty much hide my bike, and people will go out of their way to put my bike in the bike rack. I have a theory that these are dads who miss yelling at their kids to put their bikes away, and that is why they go out of the way to do it haha. 

Anyways. we had our winter ball this past week. I last minute decided to cancel and even more last minute (20 minutes until the bus left) that I was going to attend. I had wet hair and all, but it was fun. Am I glad I went? Eh. Am I disappointed I went? No. It was fun. I took zero pictures. The food was amazing. They had seared steak. Which I literally am in love with. In Paris I accidentally ordered it and I have been in love ever since.  Anyways, it was a good time. (Also the caption: I am part of 3rd Army, which is my higher higher higher, and has a ton of history, and everyone makes jokes of the name)

So Satisfying// I do not know why but I could not stop watching this. I love how artistic this was. 

Turtle Neck Pull Over// I wear one of these almost every single day. I would not say I am modest, but I would say I am most comfortable being covered up. 

My Favorite Boutique// I have loved the Red Dress Boutique since college, and I have gotten so many dresses for events from them. They were on shark tank, and I have been following their story since they were on. This is the owners reaction to it. ALSO their model is on the new season of The Bachelor.

I started Fitness Videos// Do not get me started on how much I hate videography. Sometimes I laugh because I am probably the influencer with the most content and the least amount of views. I am really just teaching myself on this blog BECAUSE I am launching something new next year!

I can not stop laughing at this 

Does anyone else have a million weddings to go to next year?// I love this dress so much and the color just pops!



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