Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Weekend in Doha

Hey what is up hello! So as you may know I am living in Doha Qatar for the next couple of months. Which it is such an easy life here. I work 8 hours. All of my meals are cooked and cleaned for me. I get to bike around, and have three beers if I want. I am also allowed to go around the city whenever I want.

Which it take about 45 minutes check out and get into the city, so that is a little frustrating. I also am chronically tired, so I do not go off too often because it is a whole ordeal.

This was one of the most fun weekends to date.


My team can not go into the city without me, and someone cancelled on them last minute to chaperone them, so I got conned into going;) I was already pretty tired, and I did not want to do that much so I suggested we just go to the Cheesecake Factory. I know I know, typical American, so we grabbed dinner and the crew wanted to walk around the mall. Which FYI a mall is a mall is a mall. Almost anything you can get in the USA you can get pretty much anywhere else in the world.

This mall was super pretty, and it kind of reminded me of Vegas.


We went on what I like to call "operation sunshine". Which at this point I was soooo tired. We woke up early and walked around the down town market. Which is fun to see the more unique shops. I loved the horses walking around.

Then for breakfast we went to the cutest restaurant ever. It was super fancy looking, and had a ton of options. Which Doha is so funny, because like any place if you go to the tourist traps everything is so expensive. (Like 200 dollar dinner for one person expensive), but our breakfast came out to be about 15 dollars.

Which the food here no matter what is so good because everything is so fresh. I mean just look at the picture!

Then we went to what I believe is pearl island. Which there is a cute museum there and you can walk around and see the city. And of course we had to see the pearl island statue.

Then we were getting ready to leave and everyone is trying to sell you something everywhere. We were at the port and one of the boat drivers asked me if we wanted to go on a boat ride. At this point I was so tired and just said no without thinking.

The crew I was with wanted to go and it was the best 15 dollars I had ever spent. They took us on a 30 minute tour around the port. Which we got to see the skyline and the water was the prettiest blue color. Overall, it was a super fun day hanging out in Doha.


  1. What a weekend! Looks like a lot of fun!

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