Monday, December 17, 2018

Ultimate Christmas Wish List

Hey what is up hello! As always, obviously I do not want all of this stuff. In fact I want zero stuff. I live in a 100 square foot box (I actually do not know the size just it is small), so I need and want nothing. That being said, obviously these post are fun. 

It is kind of like what if I won the lottery, what would I get. Obviously I would never accept a 4,000 dollar duffel bag! But it is so freaking cute, so here is my list.

Tweed// If I WAS home for the holidays I think tweed would be my outfit of choice this season. I think it is so cute and classic, I am honestly surprised it did not become popular sooner.

Duffel// I appreciate Louis vuitton, but I have never really wanted wanted anything from them. UNTIL their artist collection. 

Leather Leggings// This is not even lux, I just really want a pair.

Primer// I want a fancy primer, because I can not justify getting one because no one sees it, also the cheap ones work well too! haha

Makeup Brushes// This is not lux either, but I hate buying makeup brushes and I want a million and only need like 2!

Jcrew Stadium Jacket// I have wanted one of these for YEARS. And every year I am like "Oh I do not need it next season" Which this season I did nawt need one what so ever. But it is so cute and classic!

Gucci Belt// I would wear this once and feel like a try hard #CalledOut But I could always put it in blog layouts.

Over the Knee Boots// Almost all boots you can get away with lower priced options and no one would know the difference. Fancy over the knee boots just look sooo much better.

Channel Bag// I mean no explanation needed. 


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