Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Timeline of a Deployment Christmas:

Hey what is up hello! I thought this would be fun to share, so I am deployed to the middle east right now with the army. It really is not too bad, but I do  miss my family and Alex. One thing for sure, is that the holidays this year was way different.

I will not get into the details, but my job is 24 hour operations (I would say similar to a hospital), so someone always has to be in the office in case something happens, or someone needs a resource to get the answers. I am what I would call a "manager" on the normal work world. A lot of my coworkers were going to go out to a nice dinner, and I opted in to work Christmas so my team could enjoy the holiday.

Which was no big deal, so I got to celebrate on the 24th! Here is what my day looked like. (Also I work evenings hence why the timeline is a little weird) 

2:00pm: I wake up and realize I miss lunch. Normally I would skip this meal, and have a piece of fruit for breakfast. (Because my work schedule is different I do intermittent fasting, which I can nawt do with a normal schedule) BUT today is a treat yo self day. I go to the "pub" and grab some chicken wings. 

2:30pm: I get back I eat my chicken wings, I make coffee like I do every morning. My mom gave me a single serving fancy coffee set. I had that and enjoyed my morning. I clean my room, start my laundry. 

3:30pm: I call Alex, and he is working a on rocket (Yes the kind you make when you are in 7th grade haha) and he and his fam were working on a corn hole piece. We just checked in, and we went on with our holiday.

3:30pm: I start a face mask! I have never done a chemical exfoliate, and it was really nice. It burns a tiny bit, but after my face felt so smooth. The mask was a red pink shade and I sent a snap to my fam and friends. Alex called me extremely concerned and wondered if I was having an allergic reaction. I was not it was just the color of my mask. 

4:00pm: I called my parents. We all drank coffee together and it is always fun to chat with my mom and dad. (I opened their gifts a while back) 

5:00pm: My friend decided to watch some human trafficking documentary, so he was sad about that, so we grabbed dinner. I had shepherds pie and fries because, treat yo self. 

6:00pm: I do Christmas with Alex! I go him this, an army bucket hat, a shirt with my unit on it, a year membership to anytime fitness, AND A SURPRISE that we will talk about later. 

Alex's family sent me some super nice gifts, and Alex got me a digital frame with a ton of our photos from the years. It was honestly so sweet, because I have it in my room and I am always reminded of all of our fun times! It was good celebrating together, and makes me even more excited for next year to celebrate together. 

7:00pm: I go to the pub with some friends and grab my three brews for the night. I just chat with everyone and just enjoy the evening. 

9:00pm: Alex called again, we literally talked for 5 minutes. He got my letter that I sent his for Christmas, and it was nice checking in with him before his whole family came over to his house. 

9:30pm: I finished my laundry and realized I was STARVING. I go and order stir fried rice because, treat yo self. I go back to my room and A sends me a photos of his rocket (remember that) and he sent  me some videos of him launching it. All so extremely exciting;)

10:00pm: I put on my christmas Pjs my mom sent me, and I go to bed.

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