Wednesday, December 19, 2018

New Years Eve Dress Ideas

Hey what is up hello! That being said lets move on to a new topic. Lets get ourselves a new years eve dress! New years eve is probably my second favorite holiday. I love thanksgiving due to hanging out with the fam and eating all day long. 

New Years eve for me is either AH MAZ ING, or just sad and nothing happens. The years that are so great, there is so much effort put into making it fun, which it almost feels like forced fun! Last year though was super fun, and all we did was stay in (it was -17 degrees outside and burned to be out there for even a minute) We were going to get a fancy dinner and grab cocktails downtown (Team lets stop clubs 2019) Last minute we stayed in and had jalapeno margaritas and it was the best night ever. 

Also I am nawt a pink fan what so ever ("Uh, Bridgette, look at your profile picture") But I am loving a statement pink dress for the new year! I am usually a black person, but when else can you wear a sequin bold colored romper?


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