Monday, December 10, 2018

My Everyday Makeup

Hey what is up hello! I am kind of hash tag bored here. There is only so much running and building a website you can do in one day. I have started uping my makeup routine. Which there is still a lot to improve upon, but it is fun to spend a little bit of time every day playing around with new techniques. 

Primer// This is new to my makeup routine, and something simple to add that adds a lot. Primer really cements your makeup into place. 

Foundation// I am on the hunt for the perfect foundation currently. Well actually the perfect foundation primer setting spray combo. I was so surprised by wet n wild's foundation. 

Beauty Blender// This is also a game changer! I love brushes because it is so much faster, however the blender makes everything look so smooth!

Eyebrow pencil// I was using a brush mascara for the longest time, however I love how the pencil looks so much better. 

Eveshadow primer// One part I do not do concealer around my eyebrows, so this cleans up my brows. Second, this glues your eyeshadow into place. 

Concealer// I use this more to contour my face. This is a new step to the process, and I am still learning how to use this properly. 

Bronzer// I have also used this to contour (still learning how to use this), however if you use this along the hair line (learned this from lady gaga) the contour is perfect.

Blush// True life I am addicted to blush. I love to over dose on blush. I pretty much put this on the apples of my cheek and above the cheek bones to the ear. Can't stop won't stop. 

Laura Mercier Powder// Once everything is set in place, put this all over your face. Just a light dusting and this makes your skin looks amazing! 

Eyeshadow// I have no new tips for this, however it is my favorite part.

Eyeliner// You will notice I do not have eyeliner on here. I do not wear it anymore. It is mostly because it takes so much time and it never looks even.

Setting Spray// Again this helps glue literally everything in. Also do not put your highlighter on until AFTER this dries.

Mascara// While your setting spray dries time for mascara, this Tarte mascara works as great as a fiber mascara, HOWEVER! It has no fibers, so it is easy on the eyes. 

Highlighter// Wait until after the setting spray is in place and BAMB! This makes the highlighter glow from across the room!


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