Friday, December 28, 2018

2018 Fashion Favorites

Hey what is up hello! Fashion was at an all time simple this year. I will not ever go into too much detail, but here were my faves:

Military Jacket// If you live in the midwest you know how amazing this piece is. You can throw this on with leggings, jeans, or work pants. All of which it matches amazing!

Plaid// As every year goes this is a preppy essential. You can layer this under any sweater or coat, or pair this with anything.

Backpack// I love something that I can put my laptop or tablet in. Seriously I do not know how to just sit there and enjoy life, so a backpack can hold everything and look super cute!

OTK Boots// I love these because this makes every single outfit look even more put together.

Levi Jeans// So stretchy and so comfy. This look is professional and put together all while being comfy and casual.

Chunky Sweaters// I love a good turtle neck sweater. Anything that is conservative you can wear to work or at a cozy night in, and that is all I ask for in my clothes.

Black Jumpsuit// If you live in the midwest, there are a lot of moments where you are like "Do we dress up... OR do we dress super super casual." A black jumpsuit is the look for you.

Black booties// Pair this with black pant/jean/leggings. It will make your legs look so long, and will make you look so trendy.

Last thing!// Jacks are literally the best shoes for your casual summer look. It makes you look so put together and so preppy. I wore these with every outfit this summer.


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