Sunday, December 9, 2018

Happy 100th post!

Okay I am pessed. This was suppose to publish last night but something happened (technology wise) so we will have two post today. 

Hey what is up hello! Happy 100th post for the year! I am way behind than most years. As most years on this post I realize that I am so bad at staying consistent with this thing. Honestly though, doing Blogmas this year, I am kind of learning there is not a need for me to post every single day, my readers have even said they want about 3 post a week. SO a little market research I do not feel too bad this year haha!

Honestly I do not know where 2018 went for this blog. I did not have a plan at all. I will be honest my blog was on the last of my list on things I needed to get done. With traveling for work and trying to move across the glob, things slid to the end of the list. 

Anyways, I always forget how much of an outlet this blog is for me. Anytime I am stressing out, doing a blog post always gets my mind off of everything. 

What I did learn going through my post this year, I got a whole lot less personal and more technical, and also my readership went way down. Which is fine, but I did realize the fun post kind of disappeared.

This is why we do a review, right!

I never really talk about blogging until this year. Like the act of blogging. This post was one of my most popular post of the year. 

Reviews// I am actually pretty surprised that these post did so well. I love comparing a product I love to something better. This is how I found my favorite running shoes, and natural deodorant want the hot ticket item.

Youtube Channel// I started my youtube channel. It was super fun, but also extremely annoying because I lost my changer every 7 minutes. 

I talked more about the military// This was also something that I opened up more about. I did not think people cared, but again one of my top post! 


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  1. It's fun to mark the milestone posts-and I agree, it's so nice to have blogging as a creative outlet besides work!


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