Sunday, December 16, 2018

Guy Gift Guide

I failed again! Okay so with the military ball I messed up on a day or two. (two). I was not going to go last minute, and then even more last minute I ended up going. Am I happy I went, eh. Am I disappointment I went, nah. BUT we are behind on blogmas!

SO Hey what is up hello! Why are guys the hardest to buy for? For the gals in my life, I can run into jcrew or ulta and be set. Then for the guys you think you get them something amazing, and they never use it! 

Like last year, my dad has never ask for anything ever, and he said he wanted bean boots. My siblings and I are like cool, this is great too easy. We get them for him, and he NEVER wear them. So, you win some you lose some. 

Anyways this is a gift guide good for any of the guys in your life. 


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