Monday, December 31, 2018

Blogmas Review

 Hey what is up hello! This is the last post of blogmas! The goal of blogmas was to post a blog post every single day. I do not know why December is the month to do this, but that was the goal. This is the break down.

Did you blog all 31 days?

NO! I did not. I failed, I only did 28 post. This was the most I have ever posted in a month though, so that honestly I call it a win.

Will you continue to post every single day? 

NO! My readers have told me in the past they only want 3 post a week. I had the same amount of views on my blog, but I posted more. Overall, I am going to focus more on quality over quantity.

Will you ever do Blogmas ever again?

Probably nawt. Although I am glad I can say I did this many post, my blog at this point in time does not need it. 

What did you learn from Blogmas?

That I forgot why I really started this blog into the first day. To become better at graphic design and focus on being a better artist! Spraying out blog post did not help with that at all!


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