Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Best Running Shoes Review

Hey what is up hello! I am taking a break from the holiday frenzy. To talk about something else that I love. RUNNING! Okay being here, essentially by myself I am re falling in love with things that I used to love. I do not know if I have talked about this on here, but I am doing blogmas! (I will get more into that tomorrow with my life update post) On the short, I forgot how much I love blogging, and how when everything in my life isn't connecting, blogging is always there for me #Cheesy.

So this is the second thing I have refallen in love with. Running, I forgot how much I love pumping Taylor Swift and going for a nice little jog. It is pretty stress free here because I am not trying to meet my friends for happy hour after, or trying to wake up super early to sneak in something before work. 

Anyways I have been a Runner for about 5 or so years so I have picked up some tips and tricks a long the way. One of those being the best running shoes! 

Lets start with the worst:

Nike// Trust me I love Nike, I love their leggings, their sports bras, and number one they have THE BEST running shorts. However, their shoes suck for running. I have tried about 7 million of their shoes and I hate them all for running. I love them for strength training, I love them for biking, I love them for walking around. Running, I am not a fan. Sorry, Nike. I love you, but make better running shoes. 

Adidas Clima-cool// These were my first love with running shoes. I think I owned about 7 pairs of these. Adidas feel like they were made for my feet. These shoes are extremely light, however... These shoes have holes in the bottom of the shoes. Which is fine however not great for the winter months or for water. I think I have had plenty of wet socks due to these shoes. 

Brooks// Holy smokes, these shoes are so light. My whole mom's side of the family ran in college, and they got me hooked on brooks. These shoes are perfect for running, so light, and so comfortable.


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