Wednesday, December 26, 2018

2018 Beauty Favorites

Hey what is up hello! I have always loved make up but this year I put in a couple of extra steps and spent a little bit more time creating some fun new looks! Here is my wrap up from the year!

J.Hill Palette// I honestly bought this palette because I liked 1 pink color, and have been obsessed with the palette ever since. I wore this alllll summer long and not only are the colors perfect, the formula is hot fire flames.

Primer// I started using face primer this year, and this glues your makeup on your face for the day.

Wet N Wild Highlighter// I have been sleeping on wet n wild, however their highlighter is the best thing that was added to make routine. It is so pigmented and even for beginners this is easy to use.

Tarte Mascara// I was using (this)  mascara at the beginning of the year and I was like there is no way anything can top it! That being said I got this tarte mascara in something I ordered from tarte and I will NEVER go back. The other one has fibers that messed with my eyes, but this does not have it and gets the same effect.

Face Powder// Oh my gosh if you want to make your skin look like velvet, dust this over your full face before setting powder and will look like you got your make up done by a professional!


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