Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Weekly Update

Hey what is up hello! Happy holiday season. As for Thanksgiving, it was a little different thanksgiving this year but still a fun one! I got a new bike (finally got a bike not made for a 6 foot guy) the cafeteria was decorated. 
We had no idea that thanksgiving "dinner" was served at lunch time so we had turkey leftovers and mash potatoes for dinner one of my soldiers even told me "maam this is the weirdest thanksgivings I've ever had" TRUE! BUT we still had a great time!

 I even got to facetime my parents they have the fattest squirrels in the state because someone smashed their pumpkin (still under investigation) and my dog didn't run away from me because he was very concerned being a watch dog. (Usually he is super mad at me for leaving him, and he will look at the phone, realize it is me, and run away haha!) And of course got to chat with Alex about what we are thankful for on the holiday of gratitude! 

As for everything else, it is raining here pretty much every weekend. Which means my hallway keeps flooding haha. And not rain related, but I feel like I keep making dumb 24 year old mistakes, and I am so forgiving to everyone else when they do silly things like that, but I eat myself up for days when I do those things. It is so hard to forgive everyone else, but so hard to forgive yourself sometimes!

Devil Wears Prada//  This is so funny and so true. 

Shameless Plug// I have been loving pinterest lately follow along with me!

Emergency// This was hilarious. 

This Scarf// I think I will wear this scarf every single day.

PSA// I had no idea that debt was bad. Seriously I will admit it. I never had credit card debt, but I had no clue that a car payment was "debt" or student loans are "debt". I took dave ramsey's class a couple of years ago and it was life changing!

Pop of Color// The best part of fall is these booties.


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