Friday, November 2, 2018

Weekly Round Up: November 1

Hey what is up hello! Happy Friday, I get a half days on Fridays, so I love Thursday nights, and Friday mornings. I love sleeping in and I get to do that twice a week. I take full advantage! 

I know you are all dying to hear about my bike, well I got a junker my first month here. It did not matter I loved that thing as much as I love nachos. Unfortunately, because I rent the bike (Fo Free) I have to turn it in once a month. I think the bike people were trying to be nice and they gave me this nice new bike. The kicker is it is a male bike made for a 6 foot guy. The bar alone I literally have to throw my leg up and hope that it is high enough for me to get my booty on the seat. So stay tuned for more updates. 

Then the big highlight. Rain in the middle east is like getting snow in the south. The world ends. I am not kidding. The building I am in just got a new roof this past year, and rain came and the whole place flooded. And to give you a better picture, 2 inches fell. Which is a year's worth of rain here. To give you a better picture, Iowa gets 36 inches a year, and Michigan gets 33 inches a year. 

Needless to say it was a wet 2 weeks. Anyway, here is a wrap of the week. 

Texting// Okay, I kept seeing this post EVERYWHERE. To be honest, I did not read the whole article but the whole concept of not texting is genius. I do not know why you need to text except for logistics. I am someone who hates texting and if you eliminate that from a relationships it makes life all the more better.

Vote// For the love of all things, just vote.

Golden// I love goldens so much, when I was younger I thought that was the only dog out there. (None of my extended fam had dogs). and my family has the best dog in the world (norm) I love how they act so tough, but actually are scared of everything. 

Have to add a business article// This this this! I can not stress enough how entitled and boisterous people can make a work place so unbearable. Also some of the best people I have worked with and looked up to were extremely humble. There were not the best at excel, there were not the best at formulas, they were not the best trainers, they were not the richest people, they were humble!


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