Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Gymshark Black Friday Sale

Hey what is up hello! I love Gymshark. I have said this so many times. I do not know what it is, but not many brands are specifically for more athletic bodies. Yes, there are the brands for the skinny, the tall, the short, the curvy, but what about the gals who have the athletic body types... not too many. 

I have hips that do not lie, a small waste, and big shoulders. For most of my life I hated all of these aspects of myself (Which in the next week I am going to touch on). For most of my life I could not find clothes that fit me well. In fact I refused to wear jeans for a solid decade of my life due to this. Gymshark is a brand that gets this spot on, and here are some of my favorites from their sale.

Highlights, their leggings ROCK. Seriously, from my boyfriend, to my mom, to my sister, everyone says these leggings make you look great. "Vest" I love the vest because they cut in to the point where they make your shoulders look bomb. Swim, I need a new athletic swim suit. I am going to hard core judge this swim suit. I have had a Nike swim suit for years (It was time to upgrade). However, I need 1 for laps and this was one was super cute for water sports as well. 



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