Thursday, November 22, 2018


Hey what is up hello! I might have said this on the blog a time or two. I whole hardily believe that happiness/ joyfulness go hand in hand with gratitude. When you are thankful, you have joy. November is the best time to celebrate what you are thankful for. 

The thing with the deployment that I thought would be the hardest is being away for the holidays, and trust me I would love to be home for the holidays this year. However, everyone is scrambled. My parents are not even doing Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving this year. Things are a little different for me this year, but it is a little different for everyone this year. This is what I am thankful for this year:

1. My Dog Norm// Norm is hands down the best dog on the planet. I was not a dog person until I met norm. In fact I hated dogs most of my life. I got bitten by a dog when I was younger. However, norm is a dog sent from heaven. He is the best dog to the point he does not need a leash when we walk him. He is super needy and always wants to be petted. I just love that dog so much. 

2. My Parents// My parents will probably never send me a long sleeve shirt and my close toed shoes in the mail (called out) ((Also I have been wearing the same outfit every time I got out)). HOWEVER, they are always on my side. Which is wild how families work and the loyalty that comes with a family unit, (I can't trust them to go the the post office), but I can essentially trust them with everything else. 

3. Caffeine// Notice how I do not say coffee (because coffee is horrible here) however caffeine, has saved my life. I always forget how much I love caffeine (even just a half cup a morning). It picks me up and makes the day so much better. 

4. Great Co-workers// Which brings me to my next point! My Dad and I always say "You can go to work, do you job, and not cause any issues". Which sometimes, I feel in any industry people just want to cause chaos. As I tell my team "You do not have to be best friends with everyone, but you will respect everyone". Trust me, I complain A LOT of some aspects of every job I have ever had, BUT I have also has some amazing co workers. Co workers who have had my back, I have had theirs, made work bearable, and sometimes even fun. 

I have some amazing co workers here, and they understand my caffeine addiction. I had a roommate who always brought me a cup of coffee (HOW FREAKIN NICE). I have amazing soldiers who grab me an energy drink when they know they are not going to grab a drink, and an amazing coworker who went to ship some novelty red bulls (they were a cute little bottle) but could not shipped them so they gave it to me! It is obviously more than caffeine, but it is to nice for someone to go out of their way to do something nice for them. 

5. This blog// It still blows my mind that anyone reads this, and brands want to work with me. I get to write about what I love, I learn a lot from this. It is helping me with starting a business (Jan 2019!!) This is a creative outlet, Dear Just Around the Neighborhood, I love you. 

6. Memory Foam Mattress Toppers// I miss two things, sitting on a porch having a cider, and a memory foam mattress. These are hands down like sleeping on a cloud. 

7. Planners// I would be lost without one. I love list, my brain is 1 big scramble, and a planner always keeps this in check. 

8. A// Traveling month to month, hour long phone calls, tipsy conversations about the future, I am a lucky gal, and there are not enough words in a blog post to describe how fortunate I am. 


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