Friday, November 30, 2018

A letter to My Favorite Jeans

Hey what is up hello! Let me tell you I have never been a jeans person.  My whole (Adult) life I have had a total of two jeans. One pair of AE jeans and one pair of flared jeans. That is it. They were fine, but I never was in love with a good pair of jeans.

Until recently, I fell in love, with a pair of levi jeans. Holy smokes, those things are amazing. It started  with a pair of white jeans. I grabbed them, they fit well, and I thought nothing of it. They matched everything, also they are so thic (thic with a c not a ck) Where they are not see through what so ever.

Then I loved the white jeans so much, I got the normal blue jeans. Now those are amazing, they are not a thick as the white jeans, they are almost like the pixie pants in jean version. So let me tell you the levi jeans are underrated, but are amazing.

So Dear Levi Jeans, Thank you for all you, matching every outfit, never bunching, and being so comfy. 


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