Friday, November 30, 2018

A letter to My Favorite Jeans

Hey what is up hello! Let me tell you I have never been a jeans person.  My whole (Adult) life I have had a total of two jeans. One pair of AE jeans and one pair of flared jeans. That is it. They were fine, but I never was in love with a good pair of jeans.

Until recently, I fell in love, with a pair of levi jeans. Holy smokes, those things are amazing. It started  with a pair of white jeans. I grabbed them, they fit well, and I thought nothing of it. They matched everything, also they are so thic (thic with a c not a ck) Where they are not see through what so ever.

Then I loved the white jeans so much, I got the normal blue jeans. Now those are amazing, they are not a thick as the white jeans, they are almost like the pixie pants in jean version. So let me tell you the levi jeans are underrated, but are amazing.

So Dear Levi Jeans, Thank you for all you, matching every outfit, never bunching, and being so comfy. 


Thursday, November 29, 2018

Loreal Paradise Review

Hey what is up hello! I have true and true been a cool tone kind of gal pretty much my whole life. However, this past year I have been all about the warm tones. This line pretty much gave me the push to get out of my comfort zone. 

I have never been a huge L'Oreal fan, not that I never liked their stuff, I just never used their stuff. But, with the help of some target marketing their ads hit my twitter. Their line looked like hot fire flames. I put it to the test, and this is what I found.

The Blush// Holy smokes, this is probably the best blush I have ever used in my whole life. I love the tarte clay blushes, but these are a great powder and I love the color. 

Mascara// This mascara is trying to copy this mascara. I think this did a great job on copying that, but I am not the biggest fan of their. I like spider lashes, and this gives you a good natural look. 

Mascara Primer// This did a good job, I used this with a fiber mascara and it worked pretty well. Plus this is pink so that is hot fire flames. HOWEVER! I was allergic to this, so I did not use it more than twice. 

Eye Liner// The applicator on this is amazing, however the formula is a little plastic like. If you rub your eye and one part gets smudged the whole thing smudges off. If you are not constantly touching your face this will last all day. 

Eye Shadow Palette// Hot fire flames. I was so nervous to use this because this was the first time I used warm tones, but it was so fun to use this and try new looks. The colors are amazing and with a good primer this will last all day. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Weekly Update

Hey what is up hello! Happy holiday season. As for Thanksgiving, it was a little different thanksgiving this year but still a fun one! I got a new bike (finally got a bike not made for a 6 foot guy) the cafeteria was decorated. 
We had no idea that thanksgiving "dinner" was served at lunch time so we had turkey leftovers and mash potatoes for dinner one of my soldiers even told me "maam this is the weirdest thanksgivings I've ever had" TRUE! BUT we still had a great time!

 I even got to facetime my parents they have the fattest squirrels in the state because someone smashed their pumpkin (still under investigation) and my dog didn't run away from me because he was very concerned being a watch dog. (Usually he is super mad at me for leaving him, and he will look at the phone, realize it is me, and run away haha!) And of course got to chat with Alex about what we are thankful for on the holiday of gratitude! 

As for everything else, it is raining here pretty much every weekend. Which means my hallway keeps flooding haha. And not rain related, but I feel like I keep making dumb 24 year old mistakes, and I am so forgiving to everyone else when they do silly things like that, but I eat myself up for days when I do those things. It is so hard to forgive everyone else, but so hard to forgive yourself sometimes!

Devil Wears Prada//  This is so funny and so true. 

Shameless Plug// I have been loving pinterest lately follow along with me!

Emergency// This was hilarious. 

This Scarf// I think I will wear this scarf every single day.

PSA// I had no idea that debt was bad. Seriously I will admit it. I never had credit card debt, but I had no clue that a car payment was "debt" or student loans are "debt". I took dave ramsey's class a couple of years ago and it was life changing!

Pop of Color// The best part of fall is these booties.


Monday, November 26, 2018

Jcrew Factory Cyber Monday Sale

Hey what is up hello! I love Jcrew factory for all things work and professional clothing. Plus the sale is hot fire flames this week! This is typically when I stock up one some good work outfits, because lets be real we probably spend the most time in these clothes. So here are some of my favorites!


Thursday, November 22, 2018


Hey what is up hello! I might have said this on the blog a time or two. I whole hardily believe that happiness/ joyfulness go hand in hand with gratitude. When you are thankful, you have joy. November is the best time to celebrate what you are thankful for. 

The thing with the deployment that I thought would be the hardest is being away for the holidays, and trust me I would love to be home for the holidays this year. However, everyone is scrambled. My parents are not even doing Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving this year. Things are a little different for me this year, but it is a little different for everyone this year. This is what I am thankful for this year:

1. My Dog Norm// Norm is hands down the best dog on the planet. I was not a dog person until I met norm. In fact I hated dogs most of my life. I got bitten by a dog when I was younger. However, norm is a dog sent from heaven. He is the best dog to the point he does not need a leash when we walk him. He is super needy and always wants to be petted. I just love that dog so much. 

2. My Parents// My parents will probably never send me a long sleeve shirt and my close toed shoes in the mail (called out) ((Also I have been wearing the same outfit every time I got out)). HOWEVER, they are always on my side. Which is wild how families work and the loyalty that comes with a family unit, (I can't trust them to go the the post office), but I can essentially trust them with everything else. 

3. Caffeine// Notice how I do not say coffee (because coffee is horrible here) however caffeine, has saved my life. I always forget how much I love caffeine (even just a half cup a morning). It picks me up and makes the day so much better. 

4. Great Co-workers// Which brings me to my next point! My Dad and I always say "You can go to work, do you job, and not cause any issues". Which sometimes, I feel in any industry people just want to cause chaos. As I tell my team "You do not have to be best friends with everyone, but you will respect everyone". Trust me, I complain A LOT of some aspects of every job I have ever had, BUT I have also has some amazing co workers. Co workers who have had my back, I have had theirs, made work bearable, and sometimes even fun. 

I have some amazing co workers here, and they understand my caffeine addiction. I had a roommate who always brought me a cup of coffee (HOW FREAKIN NICE). I have amazing soldiers who grab me an energy drink when they know they are not going to grab a drink, and an amazing coworker who went to ship some novelty red bulls (they were a cute little bottle) but could not shipped them so they gave it to me! It is obviously more than caffeine, but it is to nice for someone to go out of their way to do something nice for them. 

5. This blog// It still blows my mind that anyone reads this, and brands want to work with me. I get to write about what I love, I learn a lot from this. It is helping me with starting a business (Jan 2019!!) This is a creative outlet, Dear Just Around the Neighborhood, I love you. 

6. Memory Foam Mattress Toppers// I miss two things, sitting on a porch having a cider, and a memory foam mattress. These are hands down like sleeping on a cloud. 

7. Planners// I would be lost without one. I love list, my brain is 1 big scramble, and a planner always keeps this in check. 

8. A// Traveling month to month, hour long phone calls, tipsy conversations about the future, I am a lucky gal, and there are not enough words in a blog post to describe how fortunate I am. 


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Gymshark Black Friday Sale

Hey what is up hello! I love Gymshark. I have said this so many times. I do not know what it is, but not many brands are specifically for more athletic bodies. Yes, there are the brands for the skinny, the tall, the short, the curvy, but what about the gals who have the athletic body types... not too many. 

I have hips that do not lie, a small waste, and big shoulders. For most of my life I hated all of these aspects of myself (Which in the next week I am going to touch on). For most of my life I could not find clothes that fit me well. In fact I refused to wear jeans for a solid decade of my life due to this. Gymshark is a brand that gets this spot on, and here are some of my favorites from their sale.

Highlights, their leggings ROCK. Seriously, from my boyfriend, to my mom, to my sister, everyone says these leggings make you look great. "Vest" I love the vest because they cut in to the point where they make your shoulders look bomb. Swim, I need a new athletic swim suit. I am going to hard core judge this swim suit. I have had a Nike swim suit for years (It was time to upgrade). However, I need 1 for laps and this was one was super cute for water sports as well. 



Friday, November 16, 2018

5 Minute Makeup Challenge- Tinder Ambassador

Hey what is up hello! For today's video we are doing the 5 minute make up challenge! Perfect for a date! Just kidding! I am a Tinder Ambassador, that is my cute little t shirt. Which thanks tinder because that is actually the softest. This is the basics, and it was actually pretty difficult! Honestly, I did do it in 10 minutes from start to finish, plus I was talking to you guys! 

Here are the products I used! 

Monday, November 12, 2018

Favorite Eye Shadow Palettes

Hey what is up hello! You know how once a quarter you run out of all of your makeup. I used to get annoyed that it would all run out at one time. However, now I have a lot of time on my hands, and I have watched way too many youtube videos, I was kind of pumped this time around when it all ran out. Also there were a bunch of great deals this time of the year, so I kind of went all out. 

I will be doing some posts later on in the month. (Mail comes here in about two weeks) Showing what I got, and how I like or dislike items. However, until then here are some of my favorite palettes this season. 


Friday, November 9, 2018

Fall Accessories

Hey what is up hello! Ahh fall, I believe this is the best fashion of the year. I mean it is snowing in Michigan right now, but in the middle east it is cooling down and is super nice. I personally love boots for every outfit in the fall time. I also am loving velvet. I also love some classic pieces to spruce up every and any outfit.


Friday, November 2, 2018

Weekly Round Up: November 1

Hey what is up hello! Happy Friday, I get a half days on Fridays, so I love Thursday nights, and Friday mornings. I love sleeping in and I get to do that twice a week. I take full advantage! 

I know you are all dying to hear about my bike, well I got a junker my first month here. It did not matter I loved that thing as much as I love nachos. Unfortunately, because I rent the bike (Fo Free) I have to turn it in once a month. I think the bike people were trying to be nice and they gave me this nice new bike. The kicker is it is a male bike made for a 6 foot guy. The bar alone I literally have to throw my leg up and hope that it is high enough for me to get my booty on the seat. So stay tuned for more updates. 

Then the big highlight. Rain in the middle east is like getting snow in the south. The world ends. I am not kidding. The building I am in just got a new roof this past year, and rain came and the whole place flooded. And to give you a better picture, 2 inches fell. Which is a year's worth of rain here. To give you a better picture, Iowa gets 36 inches a year, and Michigan gets 33 inches a year. 

Needless to say it was a wet 2 weeks. Anyway, here is a wrap of the week. 

Texting// Okay, I kept seeing this post EVERYWHERE. To be honest, I did not read the whole article but the whole concept of not texting is genius. I do not know why you need to text except for logistics. I am someone who hates texting and if you eliminate that from a relationships it makes life all the more better.

Vote// For the love of all things, just vote.

Golden// I love goldens so much, when I was younger I thought that was the only dog out there. (None of my extended fam had dogs). and my family has the best dog in the world (norm) I love how they act so tough, but actually are scared of everything. 

Have to add a business article// This this this! I can not stress enough how entitled and boisterous people can make a work place so unbearable. Also some of the best people I have worked with and looked up to were extremely humble. There were not the best at excel, there were not the best at formulas, they were not the best trainers, they were not the richest people, they were humble!


Thursday, November 1, 2018

Vroom, Skirt

Hey what is up hello! Who else is a big waterfall/ kings fan? That is hands down my favorite card game in the history of ever. Number 1, it is NEVER BORING. No one ever has a bad time playing, and that is about it there is no number 2. Why would you need a number 2? Why do I bring this up, hence the title. "5 is drive".

Fall is still that season where it might be hot in the afternoon, but freezing at night. Skirts are perfect for the changing weather, and I love pairing this with knee high boots and tights!Anyways here are some of my favorite picks for a good fall skirt. 

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