Saturday, October 20, 2018

Weekly Wrap up- October 20

Hey what is up hello! I switched from evening shift this week to day shift. I had my routine down pack. It was perfect because I got off work, I could call home, then go to bed, sleep in, and wake up with enough time to go on with the day. I loved that schedule.

However now I am working the normal 9-5, and my sleep schedule is all out of whack again. That has been the low for this week. I feel really bad because I will set an alarm to make sure I touch base with my boyfriend and I am essentially talking in my sleep haha, and he has to deal with that. #PoorGuy. As for everything else, I hope the rest of the 9 months goes as fast as the past couple of weeks.

I will be honest I have not been working out as much as I want (I blame that on my sleep schedule). BUT I did make a friend, and as lame as that sounds, that has also been a highlight. I was at a meeting, and dubbed them my best friend. I mean having someone to grab a meal with, and some brews really makes the experience that much better. Also the sangria here is probably the best drink I have ever had, and my standards have not even dropped. It is so dry, it is perfect.

My last highlight from this week is that the bike is still going strong. It makes life so much easier to have one here, BUT it is getting destroyed here. I think the sand slowly breaks it down #Science, but it is not doing too hot.

Anyways, here is the wrap up for the week.

Eugenie's Wedding// Okay we have hit the jack pot on royal weddings lately. I think Kate had the best dress. Meghan had the best ring (sucker for a three stone ring) and Eugenie had the best theme. Her wedding just looked like it was so her and her and her husband just look so cute!

Relationship Advice// I think this was really good advice for dating too. I think people forget A LOT that you still need to have your own life/ hobbies outside of being in a relationship, and this is something I really live by. Do not trash talk your significant other to your friends and family. I would say go to established couples for advice, but it a constructive "how do I fix this" rather than "I can't believe he did this".

Long Cardi// I love these because it is essentially like wearing a blanket. This is perfect for fall!

LOL// No comment, but I thought this was pretty funny.

White Jeans// Break the rules! It is aokay to wear in the fall in my book.

Dads// I lived with my parents for a hot minute this summer, and my dad hangs out in the den at night. If nothing is going on he lets my sister or myself pick what we want to watch on TV. (He watched a lot of say yes to the dress and Keeping Up with the Kardashians back in the day). This summer he watched a lot of make up videos this summer, and I think this was his opinion too.


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