Sunday, October 21, 2018

Tinder Q&A

Hey what is up hello! If you know me, you know I love dating and relationships, and quantifying relationships. My junior year of college I took a gender communications class (lets be honest, it was not at 8am and the building was close to my apartment). It ended up being my favorite class I took in college, and I have been obsessed every since.

Flash forward, I actually met my boyfriend on a dating app! I always thought it was a super easy way to meet people especially if you are new to a city! That is why I have partnered up with Tinder! Tinder makes it easy to meet people, and even easier now that TinderU is out! With TinderU you need a .edu email making it even safer to meet people in your area.

Lets get into the Q&A:

Best dating advice for a single person?
Only date if it is adding something to your life! Dating is suppose to be fun, not a chore. You can date to have fun and go to new things with someone new. It does not have to be a super serious thing.

What should go in your tinder bio?
Be yourself! In dating apps I always put something super vague, but enough to talk about something. I am not even joking I used my Pinterest bio #NoShame

Best First Date You have ever been on?
A last minute date to trivia;) 

Best Tinder date you have been on?
I got invited to a formal (via tinder) and it was fun dressing up, and dancing my feet off! Nothing came from it other than a super fun evening of dancing.

Best way to use online dating?
GO ON DATES! Texting is fun and all. It is also a great confidence boost, but I know it is scary. You are on the app for a reason, pull the plunge and go on the dates.

Why did I use online dating?
I noticed all of my guy friends were on dating sites, and none of my gal pals were. It is pretty risk free using a dating site. You know you are talking to someone single, and someone also looking to date. You never know what can come from it, something casual, something short, or something long term!

Best Part of App dating? 
NO Pressure! You do not reject anyone and no one rejects you. You have to equally match before two people can talk to each other.


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