Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Weekly Wrap Up

Hey what is up hello! So my life lately has been wake up, get ready, I ride my bike to get food, from there I work out. (I need motivation to do cardio). Then I shower, and get ready to work my late evening shift. While I am getting ready I watch youtube. Then I get back on my bike and head to work. That is pretty much my life in a paragraph. I will get more into a day in the life because before I made it to the middle east I was obsessed with what life was like. Honestly though for me it is pretty much like being at college. Which it is kind of better because I have my own room.

Anyways here is the link round up for the month. 

Dad's// I briefly moved back in with my family this summer. Which it was actually a lot of fun because I did not "live there" so they treated me like a guest, so I was living the life haha. BUT I did talk to my dad a lot and he watched a lot of youtube videos with me.

This Romper// Oh my gosh I am a sucker for a good romper. This one has all of the 70s vibes.

DOWN WITH SECRET SALARIES// Okay I am so pro sharing your salary. I mean if you are  with a group of friends or family probably not. BUT with in an organization knowing what your peers make or what higher makes is beneficial for career planning, things you need to improve on and over all keeps people honest.

Boot Season// I seriously love boots, and these you can wear to work out and about or down town.

NFL// DO NOT even get me started on the NFL. Number 1 the rules for cheerleaders are ridiculous abd sexist. NUMBER 2 those ladies do not even come close to making minimum wage. This is a great clip at looking on the inside.

Urban Decay// My 15 year old self would be going crazy. 50% off!

Enough// This was such a good way to put in perspective. "Why do not women come forward... Because they get used as a punch line"


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