Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Hey what is up hello! If yall did not know, I am queen of PJs. My roommates in college always used to make fun of me because I always walked around in a matching PJ set. Number 1 wearing matching PJ sets makes you feel like you have your life together. Number 2 they are so comfortable you will wonder why you never did it before. With fall here you need to get one so you can cozy up with a cup of coffee (or wine we do not judge here) and enjoy the crisp fall weather.

Here are my favorites:



  1. These are all gorgeous but the grey slouch pants are my fave. They look super-comfy!

  2. I like the gray pants and I would pair it with a nice soft top. For me it would be wine:-)

  3. These are all so cute. I like comfortable PJs and camis while I sleep.


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