Saturday, October 13, 2018

Natural Deodorant Reviews

Hey what is up hello! Ahhh the natural deodorant debate. We all do not want aluminum in our deo (how are brands still making this) yet natural deodorant sucks. I said it. So I was on a quest, and I did not know how bad I smelt until this whole thing came about.

I do not sweat all that much, and I thought how hard can this be? Wrong, my deodorant has just worked so well over the years. I have had every issue in the world with natural deodorant and here is my review, so you do not have to go on this quest too.

Tom's: Tom's worked great for about 2 weeks, and then for some reason it just started smelling sour. I give it a no go

Jason's Deodorant: This never worked ever in the history of ever. I give it zero stars. This helped with smell, not at all, and it also got the sour smell after a while.

Crystal Deo// This was the only natural one that I saw that also helped with wetness, it also had essential oils. I was sold. I was using this self tanner that was not mixing with the chemistry of my body what so ever. I was at a loss I smelt so bad. I went back to normal deo and I had no success. I picked this up and it was a winner for sure!

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  1. I have never tried a natural deodorant. If I ever decided to I will put to use what I have learned here. Thanks


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