Thursday, October 11, 2018

Hitt Workout with Medicine Ball

Hey what is up hello! So I have been hating cardio lately, and I know running just makes me feel so much better. However, I can not motivate myself to always do it. I remember I felt like I could not even go to bed if I did not run 3 miles a couple of years ago, but recently I hate hate hate it. 

 I still run 2 or 3 times a week. Sometimes I break it up and run a mile at the beginning of my work out and at the end, or doing sprints feels like a cop out but you still get it in!

When I do not want to run at all, I do the second best thing. HITT WORKOUTS! Hitt workouts (High-intensity interval training) Get your heart pumping, they are so hard, and the best part they only last 20-30 minutes! So here is one that I love to do with just a medicine ball! Lets get into it!

20 reps x 4- Reverse Lunge step up. (Holding Medicine Ball)
20 reps x 4- Russian Twist (Medicine Ball going side to side)
20 reps x 4- Squat jump (Holding Medicine Ball)
20 reps x 4- Ab tuck (holding medicine ball out)
20 reps x 4- alternating jumping lunges

If you are just starting out you can just put a time limit on it. I rest about 20 seconds between reps. Also I personally like to do 1 rep and go to the next exercise or else I would get bored. But you do what you think it best for you! My booty was kicked.

Also because I am bored out of my brains I started testing random products. I tested this pre workout bottle. I believe it was 3 dollars for the bottle. I only got it because the shop I went to did not have coffee! So I just go in country and I was tired out of my brains and I was working a late evening shift. 

I pull this baby out and all of my coworkers start freaking out. They were like "Do not drink that" and I was like okay that is weird. I will hold off. So the next day I wake up and drink it right before a workout. 

Okay this was weird. Your whole body gets itchy, and not like whole body like parts of your body at a time. I was kind of bloated at the time and it was the weirdest feeling ever. I was so focused on this where I would never be able to focus on my workout. Also as for the caffeine. Yes it gives you a boost, but I do not think it is worth it. Also it has sugarlose, which is horrible for you if you like your immune system.


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