Sunday, October 7, 2018

Deployment Update

Hey what is up hello! Hey what is up hello. So just an FYI, I feel like I only talk about this once a quarter, so for my newbies on here. I am in the army reserves. A little fun fact I am deployed! So I got here a hot minute ago. And due to this blog I will give minimal details, BUT I am in the middle east. (Just a friendly reminder that your tax dollars are being sent that way)

It took me about a full 4 days to get there. Which it is not hard to travel, but it is pretty draining. Also the 1/3 of the day time change MESSED WITH ME. Which melatonin is such a life saver, I would highly highly recommend it. About the first week I was here  I was not sleeping at all/ Sleeping 4 hours staying awake a couple of hours and then sleeping 4 hours. It was such a hard adjustment.

As far as life on Post. It seriously does not feel any different than being in El Paso, Texas. Everything looks the same. The food I eat is the same, I can get everything I use in the states here. The only difference is I can only bike everywhere. WHICH by the way getting a bike was life changing. I feel like I am on my  college campus again. The only difference is instead of snow there is just dust and sand everywhere.

Also I am allowed three beers everyday, but I have to go to a certain place to consume them so I am pretty much alcohol free because I am so lazy which is a plus haha!

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