Friday, October 19, 2018

Cozy Fall Night

Hey what is up hello! I love a good cozy night in. Do not get me wrong, I love going down town to some swanky bar, and dressing up. HOWEVER, staying in can be just as fun. The first step to a cozy night in is accepting you are not going out. Get in the mind set that you do not have to get ready, and it is going to be a darn good relaxing night. Here is everything you need for the best cozy night in ever.

Movie// The best cozy nights consist of movie nights. I love a good rom com, but sometimes getting everyone to agree on that is a little hard, but here is my favorite.

Game board// If it is a larger group of people, game night is the way to go. 

Essential Oil Diffuser// I love this for a fall night, a diffuser hands down get the best woodsy fall vibe more than anything else. I love eucalyptus. frankincense. and lemongrass! 

Red Wine// Okay, rose is so over hyped and not good #sorrynotsorry. Red wine for the fall season is by far the best season pairing. This might take my pretentious card, but I love throwing a splash of cranberry juice in my glass. Throw on a good scent, and that is the best night in my book.

Fuzzy Blanket// How can you have a cozy night without a fuzzy blanket?!

Joggers// I thought leggings were the best thing in the world,  but then I tried joggers. They are like a PJ/ legging hybrid and makes it the best night ever.


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