Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Ultimate Birthday Wish List

Hey what is up hello! For the record, I want nothing for my birthday. I am deploying and everything I have I need to carry around with me. When you do army stuff people what to send you stuff. And I know that life, and It sucks having to transport stuff. I LOVE getting letters, and knowing that people are thinking of you. However, carrying a candle (that I would normally love) SUCKS. That being said I love these post. These are some cool things I have seen on the interwebs and I thought this was a fun post to do. 

Jhill// Oh my gosh I have talked about this before, but she has the best products. Also, she just came out with some new stuff and I want it all haha. 

Kate Spade// I recently this year invested in one of her bags. It is my favorite one. It matches everything, and I would love a more bold one fore my all black classic outfits. 

Kendra Scott// All of her stuff is my favorite. I love her classic pieces, but this is the one thing I do not own. Also her classic pieces pair perfectly with the long necklace. 

Kora// Ah! I love Kora, because their stuff is #strong. BUT also their merch gives back to human trafficking orgs. That is something I can get behind.

Starfish//Speaking of greats orgs. Starfish project gives women who are victims of human trafficking jobs, all the while making super cute merch. 

Tory Burch// I mean how could you not want tory burch shoes??

Jcrew// I mean how can you not love a good jcrew blazer?

Shinola// If you are from Michigan you know how great this amazing watch is. 

Gym Shark// I AM IN LOVE WITH ALL THINGS GYM SHARK. They have some stuff that is perfect for athletic women. Their stuff is so cute. I am just obsessed. I would literally wear anything from them.


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