Tuesday, September 4, 2018

September Link Round Up

Hey what is up hello! So for the record, I batched a lot of blog post for the next two months. I am going to be away and I wanted to still keep the blog moving while I was gone. I do not have a laptop (shocker) and I am not going to have a lot of down town the next 60 days. September is full of Military time, and I will have my last  weekend with my family and my boyfriend. 

September is also my birthday month! For the past 5 years on my birthday I have been doing something for the military, and this year is no different! ANYWAYS here is the link round up for September.

This//  Hands down the best setting powder. 

Sisters// I thought this was so funny because if you ever have lived with your sister you would understand this.

Best Eye shadow// I love all eye shadow, but this has been the end all be all of eye shadows.

Dog Fever// I have such bad dog fever, but this cracked me up. 

Family// I spent a little bit of time with my family this summer. (With the deployment I spent a ton of time try to catch up with the fam) and if you take this and fill in Mamma Mia you get us;) 

Shoes// These are my favorite fall shoes.

Loyalty// Speaking of loyalty;) haha just kidding, but these insta pics are everything I send to my sister. 

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