Saturday, September 1, 2018

August Favorites 2018

Hey what is up hello! August, oh gosh. I had some good old military training this month. Which kind of backed into some important dates. It luckily got shortened and I got to go home earlier than expected. My dear mother decided to throw me a going away party before my deployment, and the bae was able to come up for that which made it even more exciting. As for the last couple of days of August I am resting up, walking my dog, and getting ready to head to Texas. 

Here is everything that got me through the month. 

Also, Y'all. I am so sorry I have not been blogging. I have tried sooo hard to focus on my Youtube channel, and every time I go to make something, everything goes wrong. Pretty much ever since I moved in May, everything that could go wrong went wrong. I am not making excuses but I think it might have been the universe telling me to stop focusing on it. The hard part is Youtube makes all of Just Around the Neighborhood grow, and fast. Brands love the Youtube. However, I am horrible at it. 

Then because of all of this every time I went to blog, I felt empty. I wanted to so bad. I sat down and went to make a post 5 million times. And I could not, I had no creative energy left. So three post in, thank you for bearing with me. Now on to my favorites. 

Laura Mercier Glow// Okay, I was not sure how I would feel about this. I am not a super glow person due to being super oily. The powder is super light and has a slight yellow tint, and holy smokes this is the best thing that has ever happened to the makeup industry. (Watch how I contour here) 

Lilly Tunic// I am not someone to splurge, but I love a good lilly outfit. I find summer after summer I always want to grab a good lilly item. 

Bliss Lotion// In my move this has been a god sent. I love the fresh lemon smell and how hydrating it is. 

Goddess Almay Glow// This is light highlighter for you lips. No matter how bold this color is, it is perfect for a girls night or giving yourself a new look. 

Crystal Deo// I am a smelly gal. I could have added 100 things to august favorites (sometimes it is actually really hard to come up with 9 favorites). The spray tan I have been using this summer, has messed with the chemistry of my body. I have been smelling bad. Extremely bad. I also have been trying to switch to a non aluminum deo. This has been hard. I have tried everything and still smell horrible. I ended up reluctantly switching back to a traditional deo and even that did not work. UNTIL CRYSTAL. It helps with smell and wetness. 

Brooks// I swear I wrote about clima cools all day every day. I wore them for a solid 3-4 years, but I finally switched to brooks. These are so light weight, but no holes at the bottom of your feet! I have had no knee problems due to these shoes too.

Gym Shark// Oh my gosh, I love all things gym shark. Also body image, what is made for who. I am just throwing it out there, athletic bodies are so not represented and clothes are so not made for athletic bodies. Gym shark is made for your girls who are working on a better lifestyle.

Cross body// I love a good cross body bag, and something I can throw everything into. 

Aerie// Holy smokes their sweat shirt feel like you are wearing a blanket. I am here for Aerie and their campaigns. Also their stuff always goes on sale.  


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