Thursday, September 20, 2018

24 Things I learned in 24 years

Birthdays for me are always odd. I somehow always end up doing some sort of military training. But i always end up with my loved ones. 23 started off with everything a mystery. Hopefully 24 brings in some more answers. Here is everything i learned in the past 365 days. 

1. Having a suit case with all of your toiletries and some basics packed at all times will make your life so easy.

2. Never get an apartment without a laundry machine.

3. When you are young and something sounds too good to be true IT IS.

4. When you have a quick minute to workout just do it, because it will probably rain later in the day. 

5. Do not be afraid to open up to loved ones, it is hard but it makes relationships so much better.


7. Everyone else is human just like you. People drop the ball, make mistakes, are not perfect, but so are you. 

8. Stop living like there is no tomorrow.

9. Add $$$ to your 401k.

10. Only drink 1 night a week.

11. If you do not have time to take your nail polish off, do not wear it. 

12. Find a style, that once you leave for the night you do not have to touch it up (We are too focused on more important things to care about our appearances) 

13. If everything is a priority, nothing is. 

14. Only lie if you can back it up (for a long time).

15. Never lie to a loved one (I didn't really learn this, but I can imagine it is not good).

16. Spray tan will make ya feel like a million bucks. 

17. Stop caring what everyone else thinks, and do what you love. 

18. Stop eating out so much.

19. Learn to cook.

20. Going out of your way to see old good friends will never disappoint. 

21. Make a to-do list everyday, AND DO IT.

22. Get your hair professionally done once a year. 1. it makes you feel good. 2. You need the damage control from doing it by yourself for a whole year. 

23. Make a budget and stick to it.

24. Remember who you are, where you came form, and know where you are going. 


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