Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tips on drinking more water

 One of the questions I got recently was what are some tips to drink more water. Which is so fitting for the summer.

Now I am not going to tell you how much water you should drink. Because that can vary by person. I have heard you should drink an oz for every pound you weigh. But I have also heard you should have a gallon of water a day (if you are active). For me both of those are about the same. So every day i drink a gallon of water (and i dont even carry around a gallon jug with me!!!!)

I have found that if i carry around a small standard 16 oz water bottle with me i will not drink as much as i am suppose to. So i find carrying a liter sized bottle i do not have to fill up as much and I drink more.

Focus on drinking water. Actively think "everytime i have a meal... water" everytime i get into the car... bring water. Everytime i have coffee (it is a dehydrates you) got to have water.

Get a cute waterbottle you want to carry around! (I love @Camelbak ) or anything with a straw built into it.

Lastly if you are not a ⛲water person⛲ add some berries or cucumber into it! It makes it a little more fun and you can pretend you are at a spa day! Happy drinkin my friends😉.

Also I am wearing gymshark ombre leggings. I am obsessed with the blue and they are on sale! Also i was going to crop my rampant dog out but i thought it was a hilarious and action shot of him running away.


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