Thursday, August 23, 2018

Strapless Dress Arm Workout

Hey what is up hello! This is my tried and true arm workout. I believe I came up with this my sophomore year on college (2014?) I had this super cute swimsuit that was kind of corset shaped and I wanted to feel bomb in it. 

To this day I probably do this once a week to stay toned and feel my best! Hope you feel the same!

I do 30 reps of each. Now, say what you will, but I love circuit workouts for toning up. (we will get into more later on) BUT for this workout we are doing circuit training. 

Bicep curls// Tried and true, I mean when you flex these are the babies that show.

S Curls// You can start this with your hands backwards, then swivel up to your palms facing towards your face. 

Lower arm up/ downs// one arm goes up the other goes down then reverse.

Upper arm up/ downs//  one arm goes up the other goes down then reverse.

Arm in and outs// Your chest will burn! This is one of the best moves for you to look and feel your best!

Arm Raise// Another one that will make you feel amazing. This one is hard, so you might need to lower the weight. 

Have a great week and happy arm workout!



  1. thanks for sharing - keen to try it.
    Do you perhaps have a video for this?

  2. I do these same arm workouts about once a week! I love it! Thanks for sharing hun ♡

  3. What a great arm workout, I do something very similar to keep my arms toned. Will have to add some of your routines.


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