Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Round Up// August

Hey what is up hello. There is no life update other than I do not even know who I am without a suitcase right now. We are just going to start with some good old links. (also let me know if you want any doodle themes) 

Otters are my spirit animal// One of my top love languages is touch and I think otters are too.

I could not stop laughing//  I am one of those people that had an amazing childhood and I do NAWT need to relive it. I think Matt agrees.

I have dog fever// ALSO I LOVE ALL REVEAL PARTIES. They are so fun, but I mean would a dog reveal be too extra?

Corporate America// I have been in corporate america since 2013, and oh my gosh I have seen people lose their jobs over email. People really do not know how to use it correctly. (1. no jokes save that for the group message. 2. If you want people to CC on everything so you have 7 billion emails that probs is not the best way to use it either)

Jefree Star// The beauty industry went wild this week, but I love how shameless Jefree is. (Also LOL)  ((Also I have way too much time on my hands to actually stay up with this))


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