Friday, August 31, 2018

Night On the Town

Hey what is up hello! So once you graduate college going out clothes get a little more complicated. You still want to dress your age, and you want to have a night look, but also look sophisticated. It is a hard balance, but somehow you always end up at some trendy happy hour and ending up at some swanky bar down town. It is part of being in your mid 20s. 

Now for me personally I am only going to dress scandalous 2-4 times a year. 1. New Years Eve. 2. Your Birthday. Now you can throw in a couple more times, after a break up, a vacation, your friends really important party, important date nights. But follow the 1/3 rule. (Arms, legs, bust) You can only show one thing at a time. If you have a deep-v, go with pants, or a longer hem line. Wearing a mini skirt? Cover up on top. Trust me we all want to look alluring, but we can do it in a classy- put together way.

Also this is my little rant. For the love of all things whatever. Stop wearing mini skirts and crop tops to hang out with your coworkers. (It is one thing to be best friends a take trips with your coworkers) but look professional all the while still hanging out. 

Here are some of my favorite pieces for a night on the own.


Thursday, August 30, 2018

Apartment Style

Hey what is up hello! I am not an interior design lover. (I mean talk to me about the exterior;) ) But the new school year is here! (oh my gosh) This is also the time of year people start new jobs, move somewhere new. It is all new! Here are some of my favorite things for my apartment. Happy moving! 


Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tips on drinking more water

 One of the questions I got recently was what are some tips to drink more water. Which is so fitting for the summer.

Now I am not going to tell you how much water you should drink. Because that can vary by person. I have heard you should drink an oz for every pound you weigh. But I have also heard you should have a gallon of water a day (if you are active). For me both of those are about the same. So every day i drink a gallon of water (and i dont even carry around a gallon jug with me!!!!)

I have found that if i carry around a small standard 16 oz water bottle with me i will not drink as much as i am suppose to. So i find carrying a liter sized bottle i do not have to fill up as much and I drink more.

Focus on drinking water. Actively think "everytime i have a meal... water" everytime i get into the car... bring water. Everytime i have coffee (it is a dehydrates you) got to have water.

Get a cute waterbottle you want to carry around! (I love @Camelbak ) or anything with a straw built into it.

Lastly if you are not a ⛲water person⛲ add some berries or cucumber into it! It makes it a little more fun and you can pretend you are at a spa day! Happy drinkin my friends😉.

Also I am wearing gymshark ombre leggings. I am obsessed with the blue and they are on sale! Also i was going to crop my rampant dog out but i thought it was a hilarious and action shot of him running away.


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Round Up// August

Hey what is up hello. There is no life update other than I do not even know who I am without a suitcase right now. We are just going to start with some good old links. (also let me know if you want any doodle themes) 

Otters are my spirit animal// One of my top love languages is touch and I think otters are too.

I could not stop laughing//  I am one of those people that had an amazing childhood and I do NAWT need to relive it. I think Matt agrees.

I have dog fever// ALSO I LOVE ALL REVEAL PARTIES. They are so fun, but I mean would a dog reveal be too extra?

Corporate America// I have been in corporate america since 2013, and oh my gosh I have seen people lose their jobs over email. People really do not know how to use it correctly. (1. no jokes save that for the group message. 2. If you want people to CC on everything so you have 7 billion emails that probs is not the best way to use it either)

Jefree Star// The beauty industry went wild this week, but I love how shameless Jefree is. (Also LOL)  ((Also I have way too much time on my hands to actually stay up with this))

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