Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Round Up

Hey whats up hello! Okay life has been in the fast lane lately. I am deploying in September for 9 months, and I have known about it since last August. I feel like I have been trying to put 2 years into 1, so Family, friends, and the boyfriend have been the number 1 priority. Leaving the blog in disarray. (Sorry crew) I promise more life updates will come and probably come November you will tell me to stop posting so much. 

Before that, I will leave you with a little story. I have been getting ready to move and moving is horrible. To anyone who is moving or will ever move PAY TO HAVE IT DONE! Save up the extra couple of hundred of dollars and pull the trigger. 

I have two car loads of ~stuff~ and I still need to get rid of more. Even with so little stuff when I get back next year, and move to my new place (hopefully ((I say hopefully because after this year anything can happen)) a ~nesting~ aka place I will be for more than a year) I have promised myself to just get movers. 

That being said I have had so many great ideas for this blog and I know exactly where I want this to go. With the move my stuff has been all over the place. Physically. I did my last youtube video a month ago, and I had 5 million more ideas. But I could not for the life of me find my camera. #Ugh. I used it to get the memory card out in my new apartment and I could not find it anywhere. 

My power kept going out every time I went to film and its not an excuse, but I am getting pretty bleh about video haha!

But here is a link round up about everything I have been looking at! 

This was so cute 

The Best Music Video//  I may or may not have memorized this whole dance. ( I have) Okay so I saw a clip on Instagram and was immediately intrigued. I searched the music video and oh my gosh it is the best one I have ever seen. (Okay also not saying a lot because my favorite movie is mamma mia). He does describe himself as a romantic sociopath. As a PSA I would say great at first, but horrible there after. 

Jeeze// There are so many things brands do to market themselves that annoy me. (I mean do we have to sexualize everything... aka  mascara, lipgloss, sweatshirtsThis just brings to light some of the things that are a little out there. 

Stop Caring// I do not know where this video was going, but what I took away from it is no one knows what you weight, nor do they care, so why should you. I have struggled my whole life with accepting my body and this just goes to show NO ONE THINKS ABOUT IT.

Family// This is such a family conversation. I feel like my family can never get on the same page what we want to wear. It is kind of comical, and this was relatable. 


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