Tuesday, July 31, 2018

My Fitness Journey

 Hey whats up hello my new (and old friends) out of no where i have had a handful of fun fitness accounts join the clan. Which is wild because i have been wanting to pivot a little more to fitness. (The life change that is coming up is going to make fashion a little more difficult but fear not it will still be in the mix) but i thought I would share some fitness facts about me before we jump into more fitness content!

1. Im on a fitness ~lifestyle~ I workout to push myself and feel healthy.

2. Im not training for anything (i mean you could say im training for the army physical fitness exam) but other than that i love to stay active and get stronger everyday.

3. Diet is my weakness. I do mainly whole 30 due to being gluten free. I do count macros but i am more on the flexible dieting.

4. I have been on this journey since 2006 and sometimes i have major wins and sometimes i have major loses! But that is with every aspect of life. I look forward to doing this fitness journey together!

gym shark is my favorite workout gear. I find their stuff is made for women with more athletic bodies. And the shoes are target i find for lifting i want flatter shoes instead of more structured for running. (Shoes make the biggest difference!!)

Last thing my dog kept trying to run away (which he never does) so i made him take a picture as punishment;) he does not look happy

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