Tuesday, July 24, 2018

My Deployment Emotional Cycle: Pre-deployment

*Note* Everything in this post is the opinion of myself. In no way is this the opinion of the the military. All opinions are my own.  

I am going to be so candid and ~real~ about my deployment story. My story is not unique but I found as a female in the army I had a hard time relating to other people's stories/ There really are not a whole lot of people like me who I could turn to.

I have known I was going to deploy since the end of summer last year. Which has essentially given me a year to prepare. Some super smart person has come up with the emotional cycle of a deployment. 

1. Pre-deployment (varies)
2. Deployment (1st month)
3. Sustainment (months 2 thru 5)
4. Re-deployment (last month)

5. Post-deployment (3-6 months after deployment)

The Pre-deployment phase for me looked like so much denial. I kept it all inside did not talk about it with anyone then finally someone close to me said, "Bridgette you are not going to go study abroad in Paris. You need to deal with this head on". 

So at that point I started opening up with close friends and getting the help I needed to deal with stress on my own. (I mean having to pack up all my stuff, tell my job about it, travel every other week, dealing with other soldier's emotional cycle... it was a lot and all at once).

 I had to sit down with family and pretty much say the same thing to them. I think it took me until about April (about the same time my relationship turned into a distance relationship) Where I got to the last part of the Pre-Deployment emotions acceptance and ready to go (so I can start counting down the days until I get come home not count down until I leave). 

It took me a lot to get to that point. Now that I am fully ready to go and have been through the emotional cycle, my loved ones are going through it. 

They are going through the fear of the unknown, the upset feelings, the stress. So now that I am at my state, I am having to now prepare my loved ones for this fun little adventure. This part was not what I was prepared for! haha

I thought I would update you all on where I am at, and share something that I never even knew about! 

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