Sunday, July 1, 2018

Home Chef Review

I was target marketed so hard on this, I kept hearing about groceries sent to your door and I was just getting into the whole being an adult and making menu thing. I was actually pretty good at it, and my goal was to start making every single meal and all my snacks. I wanted to get to the point where I was eating no processed foods. 

This was going great until I started traveling all the time. I noticed when I started traveling all the time food became something I barely thought about and I started spending a ton of money on eating out or just eating a ton of unhealthy food. I noticed that my wallet was not exactly happy. a) eating out is expensive b) when you go out of town a lot you have food but you have to end up throwing it away because you have too much/ it spoils.

So I noticed home chef, and tried it a couple of times. Due to UPS issues (UPS in des moines is not exactly 10/10) but once I got on a regular schedule, home chef started working a lot better.

Home Chef allows me to not have to think about meal planning or grocery shopping. I mean the grocery store I love, just getting there and back is 30 minutes. Home Chef eliminates that trip, I do not have to think about what I am going to eat. 

At first I started getting it only when I was out of town, now I am to the point where I get it pretty much every week. This also helps me stay on budget because I am not impulse buying anything because at the grocery store I do that all the time. 

As for the meals, they are pretty darn good too. You do not have to have 7,000 spices in your pantry to have a yummy meal because they give you everything you need for your meal. I do not believe they do a gluten free option ( I have a super weak stomach so I live a gluten free life) However, If you are already gluten free you can easily substitute for a gluten free option. 


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