Monday, July 30, 2018

Easy Work Out

Kicking my booty into high gear this summer. (Actually the gear i should have been in all year long.) Woke up today and did my favorite go to workout. Trust me your legs will die. I do this on a track (typically a high school track) around a football field.

 - 20 minute sprints. (I sprint the straight of the track and walk the curve. It comes out to be about 2 miles)

- 100 yards of walking lunges (the goal is 100 yards but try to get 50 yards if you are a beginer.)

-100 yards of walking pushups. (Google what they are. Again same goal i could only do 50 yards)

Its pretty killer for me, and one of my favorite workouts to date! Rock it out this friday!

Also I'm wearing the @gymshark flex leggings and ombre top. I am nawt an xs kind of gal but i do find these run super lager. The top is seamless and the bottoms are almost like a knot material so they are super breathable.

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